From the Python Package Index#

Install e4s-cl using the python package system:

$ pip install e4s-cl

You can enable optional behaviours using the extra syntax. Currently only docker support can be enabled this way:

$ pip install e4s-cl[docker]

From spack#

You can install e4s-cl using the spack package manager:

$ spack install e4s-cl

Extras are available in the spack specification:

$ spack install e4s-cl+docker

From source#

To install a version from the sources, first clone the repository or download a release:

$ git clone

Program installation#

Install e4s-cl using make install. The installation directory can be modified using the INSTALLDIR variable:

$ INSTALLDIR=<prefix> make install

The e4s-cl program will be copied over to <prefix>/bin. On success, a message will be printed with the full path to add to your PATH.

A python interpreter will be downloaded to ensure a compatible Python 3 version is available.

Completion installation#

Automatic completion for commands and profiles can be installed by running make completion. Whichever INSTALLDIR chosen, a BASH completion script will be downloaded and installed in $HOME/.local/share/bash-completion/completions/. Sourcing it will enable e4s-cl completion in the current shell; if the bash-completion package is installed, it will be enabled for every new shell.

The INSTALLDIR used for the make install must be specified to tie the completion to the installed package.

$ INSTALLDIR=<prefix> make completion
$ source $HOME/.local/share/bash-completion/completions/e4s-cl

Manual page#

This website can also be installed in the man format to be accessible on the command-line with make man. This will create a man page in $HOME/.local/share/man/man1 and update the manual page database. This is the default user-level install directory, but you may have to add $HOME/.local/share/man to the MANPATH environment variable to access it depending on your system’s configuration.

The INSTALLDIR used for the make install must be specified to tie the manual to the installed package.

$ INSTALLDIR=<prefix> make man
$ export MANPATH=$HOME/.local/share/man:$MANPATH
$ man e4s-cl