E4S Container Launcher’s 1.0.3 documentation#


E4S Container Launcher is an effort to facilitate the use of MPI applications developed using E4S containers on supercomputers without having to compile a new binary on the host.

Given a combination of an MPI library, a container and a MPI binary, E4S Container Launcher will run the MPI binary in the target container using the MPI library. This is useful when the binary has been compiled using a different library than the one passed as an argument: as long as the two libraries are ABI compatible, the binary will run under the new environment.

E4S Container Launcher is also able to operate without a container, launching the MPI binary in the current environment. This is useful when wanting to run the binary with a different library than the one it was compiled with.

E4S Container Launcher includes tools to automatically detect the MPI binary’s necessary files, making it seamless to set up and use. These tools are first touched in the quick start section.