Quick start#

The CLI tool is called e4s-cl. It behaves as a supplementary launcher over regular MPI commands, but can also manage profiles containing information about a MPI library’s dependencies.

Creating a profile#

The preferred way to start using e4s-cl is to create a profile for the target library. The intended method to achieve this is by using the init or profile detect commands. The resulting profile can be inspected and modified using the profile sub-commands.

$ e4s-cl init
$ e4s-cl profile list
== Profile Configurations (/home/user/.local/e4s_cl/user.json) ===========

| Selected |     Name     | Backend | Image | Libraries | Files | WI4MPI |
|    *     |  MPICH_3.4.2 |     N/A |   N/A |     6     |   7   |   No   |
$ e4s-cl profile edit --backend singularity --image ./image.sif

Running a process#

Once a profile has been created, it can be used to launch an MPI command ! The profile select command marks a profile as the default. Using the launch command, the program passed as an argument will be launched using the desired library.

$ e4s-cl launch mpirun -np 4 -hosts node1,node2 /path/to/executable